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A family of 4 Mute Swans who live on Lake Ontario...Drawn from memory into a Venn Diagram arrangement...Painted in Canadian made walnut oil paints without using any brushes...No turpentines were used either...Lovingly stretched by hand & attached to the hand put together Florida pine tongue & groove wood bars with black steel tacks at the back & copper tacks at the finished 2-1/4" sides...Length 48 inches horizontal...Height is 36 inches upwards vertical...Finished in January of 2011...

*(Some of the yellow tones have been now retouched with some real gold powder(from Exclusive paints on Chesswood in Toronto) mixed with eco-dammar, 2012)...(because I felt the whole was slightly too much of yellow, which I love, but not everyone is a blonde, nor a fan of mellow yellow, like me...)

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