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Amazing people in the art world who have helped me & are brilliant, & nice... Gwylym Owen (I innovated the prosthetic left hand during several conversations with this poet, who just inspired me with his wild ideas...had he had his way I'd be doing robotics by now, but the push was useful...I went with magnets...Small is beautiful...His poetry is very moving... )... … Listen to an incredible voice, our very own @Iliteratepoet Someone to follow, support, hire & love...Sheer Brilliance  Hanno Phenn... Unbelievable Digital artist & more...(Hanno helped me to move the Grove Body Part Chart forward into the future...First, I learned how to make a pop-up map for the chart...Then, I learned Anime, & made the Grove Body Part Chart movie using the animation skills I learned...I am now on the brink of going forward into Anime, with thanks from this wonderful person...) Nick Nicholson...So I was stuck in thinking that concrete sculpture had to be thick & lumpy looking...Until I met this Ferrocement teacher whose work was elegant & graceful...I learned about sanding the work, about using wax to make it polished, & then I was able to invent my newer No-WELD model for armatures, where instead of using copper pipes & coupling, I use now steel rods & a unique way of connecting them using copper strapping that can bend...Forever grateful to this most generous Ferrocement instructor... Pascal helps to administer a wonderful piece of software called CPU SPEED ACCELERATOR...You can download it for free to see how it works...If you are doing 3d animation, like I am, in Blender 3d animation software, you will find that while Sculpting in Sculpt Mode, the program may crash due to increased processor needs...Once I downloaded cpu speed accelerator I was able to sculpt without Blender crashing...But this program works in the background for any application you use by streaming 100% of the enrgy to the app you are on, so it won't crash...When I needed help, support, Pascal, answered me almost right away
with a friendly & thorough answer...So they get a link here!
Jim Plaxco: His Martian Sand Ripples...
I was struck by how the sand on Mars came into 5 side nests...It reminded me of a trumpeter swan nest...That a circle is really sides attached together...So to make a circle shape for a nest for a swan, you could use 5 sides, instead of only trying to make that spherical shape which is tough...This is an ongoing environmental design project to make more permanent spaces for the swans & other waterbirds at Bluffer's Park & maybe of course elsewhere in the world...Our shores & islands are all bunked up, we need to make some on purpose spaces for our waterbirds...Jim Plaxco helped to braoden my brain about this...Thank you! Oh unbelievably good sound "painting" this means it is an instrumental musical piece that was inspired by another work of art in this case the classic great poem by Guillaume Apollinaire close friend to Pablo Picasso & inventor of the word "surrealism"...By Musician Helen Davey...feel your heart strings pull when you listen...Stunning!

MOZI-Q  at Gets rid of LICE...It is pills that you can chew & they taste good...Homeopathic, the herbs inside contain the equivalent of these elements-Zinc, Iodine, Titanium, Manganese, & Magnesium, but in specific herbals that are all targeted to drive bugs away...If you or your children or your pets have been tormented by LICE try these pills...I ordered mine from ...




I am a beta tester for If you or someone you know needs to be happier, go & request an invite...






Review of the Grove Body Part Chart: 


"Sari, this is fascinating. And the structural, visual, theoretical

framework around the balancing of the elements is elegant and beautiful.

I'm awed at the amount of work and research involved. In all honesty, I

don't think I will ever absorb more than a fraction of the information,

but I love the presentation of the whole as a vision, a scientific work

of art, or an artistic, scientific exploration. I appreciate how your

access point to so much of what you do is your curiosity, empathy,

problem-solving, engagement ... in the immediate world around you and

the challenges it puts forth - as with the swans. I'd be interested to

know more about the images: how they are formed, titles if any,

particular point of inspiration... And I love the part about you being

the yes person, and Joseph mostly just saying no. Sounds something like

my relationship (I'm the one whose role it is to say no)."


Kirby Obsidian

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